Ann Arbor or Bust

The day after Christmas we set out on a car trip. Patrick, the dogs and myself piled into the car to head to Ann Arbor. My mother and father in-law are celebrating 40 years of marriage and we wanted to be around to celebrate with them.
The trip started out a pretty snow fall.
We had our beverages of water and Dr. Pepper. When you are going to be driving for more than a couple hours you need to be caffeinated.

We started out the trip listening to the radio but once we lost the signal it was all Nickelback. My husband and I both loved this album.

Our puppies were tucked in the back seat. As you can tell by the expressions on the faces, they were not happy about the car ride.

The humans enjoyed the car ride a bit more because of the pretty scenery. All kinds of trees and the snow globe like views.
By 2:00 pm we were really hungry and needed to stop for some food. We found that the choices of restaurants were not that great.
I settled for a taco bell soft shell taco with 5 medium sauces:

A burger from Burger King:
A look at the inside of the burger made me have second thoughts about eating it :/
Patrick and I shared some onion rings:
This little guy kept me busy throughout the entire car ride. He kept trying to sneak into the front seat and wanted to out sing the radio. I’ve never met a dog that could whine and scream for 6 straight hours and still have a ton of energy!

But, once we reached our destination and got out of the car he was the happiest dog ever! Look at that smile:
My husbands family has a tradition of eating chicken pie on Christmas morning. Since we missed Christmas morning with the family, this year, we were both hoping some chicken pie was left over. We were not disappointed! We both had a piece and it was fantastic!
After hours in the car with a screaming dog I thought I deserved a glass of champagne.
The perfect ending:)

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