Happy New Years!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years Eve!
Patrick and I had a low key night which was perfectly fine with both of us.
I started off my day with an Adora dark chocolate calcium disk. These taste awesome, just like dark chocolate. I just need to remember to eat one everyday!

Lunch was a bowl of excellent chicken noodle soup. Check out the veggies in this bowl:

I also had a small bowl of spaghetti squash that was not pictured.
We got released from work early so Patrick and I headed to one of our favorite bars to have a NYE drink, Ceres. I ordered a Captain Morgan diet coke. One thing to note is when ordering a drink a Ceres, you get a full glass of the alcohol and the mixer on the side. So, in the picture below I have a full class of Captain Morgan and a diet coke on the side. Needless to say, one drink is enough!
After our NYE drink we went home to walk the dogs and decide what we were going to eat for dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking so we decided to try a new (to us) restaurant that is down the street from our home. Tamarind is a sushi and eclectic Asian cafe.
I started off with an egg roll. This egg roll was possibly the best egg roll I’ve ever had. Wasn’t all that greasy and the vegetable’s inside were really good! I had some soy sauce on the side.
My main dish was Pad See Ew. This dish was okay. I really liked the veggies and the chicken was extremely good. However, the noodles were mushy to me and I don’t really like mushy noodles.
We shared an order of shrimp fired rice. This was fabulous! I would order this dish again in a second. Actually next time I go I’m getting the egg roll and an order of the chicken fried rice!

A look at my plate:

I had seconds of the fried rice but didn’t take a picture:(
At around 11:00 pm I made us some “almost 2010” treats. The treat tray included:
  • Pink Lady apple
  • Garlic Triscuits
  • Kerrygold Irish Aged cheddar
  • Jalapenos

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I ate most of these goodies.
New Years Day!
I started off 2010 using my new mug:
Filled with coffee, frothed milk and vanilla syrup:
While I was sipping my coffee and reading blogs my husband was making us a fantastic breakfast. We had fancy french toast. Not sure what all was included in the this but I do know orange zest, cointreau and some other fab ingredients were involved.
He even warmed the plates and topped it with powdered sugar and maple syrup. So good!

On the side we had some sausage!

Very healthy breakfast to start of the new year, just kidding! It may not have been the healthiest breakfast but it was very good.
Currently I’m having a glass of Champagne and watching the Rose Bowl!
What was your first meal of 2010?
Mine was coffee, french toast and sausage!


  • soundZtastee

    My friends and I slept late so our first meal was also at noon. I made a frittata, toasted up leftover bread from my new year's party, and cut up a few blood oranges.

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