New Years Day = Football!

One word can sum up what was happening in my house yesterday, Football! My husband and I have bet on the winners of 5 bowl games. The loser has to cook a 5 course meal for the winner and clean up everything, all the way through putting the dishes away. After yesterday he is ahead by 1 but we have 3 more games to watch so I still have a chance. Although I don’t think my husband wins either way. If he loses he has to make the meal, if he wins he has to eat whatever I choose to make and I’m not the greatest cook:)
Oh well, it is all in good fun!
On new years eve I was suffering from a sinus headache so I wasn’t able to partake in my favorite part of the holiday, drinking Champagne! So yesterday around 5:00 I had a glass of the bubbly!

It was called Iron Horse and I must say it was not a favorite of mine. I don’t like my champagne real fruity and this one was just a little to fruity for me. But, I still drank it;)
We had BBQ meatball sandwiches last night. I decided to have mine on a Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat. This was the first time I’ve tried these flats and they were fantastic. They were soft and the flavor was perfect!

I took 1 Deli Flat and cut 2 meatballs in half. Added a little cheese and chowed down! This was a scrumptious sandwich. I do believe I was constantly saying mmmmmm, while eating it!
After dinner I needed something sweet. I dug into the freezer and found this cute little Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream.
It came with it’s own little spoon:
The ice cream was good and the portion was perfect!
What did you spend your first day of 2010 doing?
I spent it watching football and hanging with the boys (husband and dogs).

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