Huskers Win!!!

Huskers Win!!!

I’m so excited that Nebraska football is back! I’m so proud of the boys!
I accomplished a lot of chores today which makes me very happy and hungry.
Once my husband got home we started planning our dinner. We started off with a salad:

I tried a new type of cheese on the salad, Grana Padano. My husband really liked the cheese but I’m undecided. It wasn’t bad I just need to try it again:
Because today was a Nebraska game day we decided to order in some pizza.
Here is a look at the toppings we like to put on any of the pizza’s we get/make:
I had thin crust cheese pizza with peperoni and green olives and a couple buffalo chicken bites:

I also made a large Spaghetti Squash. My husband and I are both going to work on eating better during 2010. I wanted to have this in the fridge for us to heat up and make an easy good dinner.
I’m so glad I discovered this veggie in 2009. We both really enjoy it!

Right now I’m painting my nails this color:
Haven’t worn this color in awhile but I do like it.
I’m off to bask in the glow of the Nebraska Cornhusker win!!! WooHoo!!!
Blog at ya later:)


  • Gina

    I just made a huge thing of spaghetti squash, and like you, discovered it only this year! Now I am addicted, in a good way. I eat it everyday.

    I love the toppings you add to your pizza. Nick like to dip his in Red Hot and ranch (yeah, reallllly healthy!) and I love black and green olives on mine, with tomatoes. Tabasco is also nice for some FIRE!

    Happy New year to you and your hubby!

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