Happy Hump Day!

Woke up parched yet again, this morning. I really need to make sure the humidifier is going right when I get home from work. It is crazy dry in my condo. Does anyone else have this problem, in their homes, in the winter?


I started off my day with a much needed big water and Crystal Light mix:

Diet Coke for the caffeine:

Smart Start cereal with psychedelic skim milk, to eat:


The cereal did not tide me over at all. I was STARVING by the time lunch rolled around. Actually I was starving even before lunch time. Looks like I won’t be making cereal a part of my breakfast rotation.

I had some penne pasta with fresh garlic, broccoli, peas, chicken in an Alfredo/pesto sauce. It was awesome.

I’m determined to pack my breakfast and lunch (for tomorrow) tonight before I go to bed. I have so many great healthy options at home that it is just a shame not to eat them at lunch. The problem is at night I get really tired and don’t feel like putting together my lunch. In the mornings I’m just too tired to do anything except the least amount possible to get me to work. With that said, I am going to complete this task tonight before sleepy time!


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