My Downfall

Busy day ahead of me so I’ll jump right into the day’s food!


I have no idea what was going through my head when I woke up. All I know is this was in front of me before I knew what was happening…

Man, Easter candy is not something I should have in my house.


Needless to say I was starving by the time lunch rolled around which was about 12:30.

I went with a build your own pasta!  Penne with extra broccoli, extra peas and carrots topped with alfredo and pesto sauces.

Extremely good and after my (cough) breakfast (cough) I appreciated all the veggies in the mix.


Yet another dinner ordered in. We really need to get our groceries bought!

We decided on P.F. Changs for dinner. I started off with something new, Sichuan Chicken Flatbread.  It’s Chinese scallion flatbread grilled with Sichuan marinated chicken, layered with melted cheese and served with creamy Asian Slaw.

A side of  Sichuan-style Asparagus.

And my norm and oh so tasty – Changs Chicken topped with spicy sauce.

Verdict:  Flatbread was good but not as good as the lettuce wraps I usually get.  Asparagus had a nice flavor but the texture was kind of leathery which I didn’t care for.  Of course the Chang’s spicy chicken was awesome – It always is!


Yet more Easter candy was consumed. This time I had a couple handfuls (3 pieces each) of egg shaped Reese’s Pieces:

Clearly Easter candy was my downfall today 😉

After dinner I crashed!  This day wore me out!


What is your favorite Easter candy?

Mine is for sure the egg shaped peanut butter cups. For some reason the egg shape makes them taste better than the regular round shape 😉


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