What a Great Day…

yesterday was. Can you guess why?

First off it was a great date, 10-10-10, very cool.
Second, it was the Chicago Marathon.
Ariel view of the finish line (from a bit of a distance):
Chicago’s finest, helping to make sure everything went smoothly:
Loved the huge screens set-up so everyone could see what was going on:
A whole lot of people cheering for all the amazing runners. Makes me happy to see the people of Chicago (my city!) being so supportive:
The biggest reason Sunday was such a great day is because it marked the 1 year anniversary of Patrick and I getting married.
We decided to have a low key anniversary. We started off by cheering on the marathoners and then went to one of my favorite breakfast spots in Chicago, Bongo Room.
Started off with the best iced vanilla latte:
My breakfast appetizer (I’m allowed an appetizer, it was a celebration) was 1 Pumpkin Spice Pancake topped with browned butter & dark brown sugar cream mouse topped with sweetened glazed toasted pecans. It was delicious!
My main dish was an omelet with broccoli, Canadian bacon and smoked aged white cheddar. Very good, I was shocked at how good the broccoli tasted in the omelet. The sides were multi-grain toast and potatoes. However, I did not eat the potatoes because they tasted strange to me.
Even though I didn’t like the potatoes, I left the Bongo Room feeling very happy!
Most people engrave their wedding bands with something romantic like never to part, love always, together forever but, not us. See, we bonded over many late nights eating Tombstone pizza and tater tots. So when it came time to engrave our bands we couldn’t think of anything better than: Tombstone & Tater Tots.
We had to celebrate our first anniversary with nothing other than…
& Tater Tots:
accompanied by ketchup and BBQ sauce for dipping:
Champagne for sipping:
1st anniversary meal recap: Tombstone, tater tots and champagne – cause that’s how we roll;)
Oh yeah, and a salad so we could get some sort of veggie in:)
Our first year of marriage has been full of adventure. Can’t wait to see what the years ahead of us have to bring.
I’m so lucky to have found my best friend and husband all in one!
What did you do Sunday 10.10.10?


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