Pumpkins in the Park 5K

A couple weeks ago I signed up for my second 5K, Pumpkins in the Park. This was definitely a race the entire family could take part in. It was so cute seeing the kids running around in their Halloween costumes and running in the CLIF Kid Spooky Sprints. There was also a tent where kids (and adults) could decorate a pumpkin to take home with them. Good times had by all!

The Run
This was a hard one for me for multiple reasons. We were running on a trail which I’m not used to and it was packed. The trail was not only packed by runner and walkers but strollers, double strollers and dogs.
I always wondered why a lot of the races didn’t allow dogs to run and now I know why. About 8 minutes into the race an owner lost control of her dog and I tripped over him. Normally I wouldn’t be upset but this owner didn’t say sorry and gave me a look to suggest I did something wrong. I have 2 dogs and if I chose to take them on a 5K race I would make sure to stay to the side and not weave in and out of all the people like this owner was doing. Okay my bitch fest is over;)
I put the “tripping” episode behind me and ran on. I wasn’t able to train prior to this race so my only goal was to beat my PR. Due to some of the race conditions I didn’t think it would happen but I’m happy to say that I did beat my PR!!!
Sorry about the lack of pictures but I will make up for it in a couple weeks when I do my 3rd 5K race, Hot Chocolate!
Is anyone else going to be running or walking Hot Chocolate in Chicago? Did you do any running this weekend?


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