Boring Friday

Not much happened on Friday except for work and hanging out at home with my husband and dogs.  Actually hanging at home with my boys is one of my favorite things to do 😀

This weekend should be a good one.  The weather is supposed to be good and we have some dog birthdays to be celebrated!  I will of course fill everyone in on the activities of the weekend.


A hot breakfast was in order this fine Friday morning.  I ate about half of the hash-browns and egg wrap shown below.  Of course, I topped both with a healthy serving of hot sauce.


I decided to mix up my lunch routine by getting something other than the Freshii soup I’ve been eating all week.

Patrick and I went to Potbelly’s and I ordered the chicken noodle soup.  I think they use an egg noodle in the soup.  The noodles remind me of the ones my grandma always uses when she makes soup!

I also had a toasted turkey sandwich with provolone, pickles, lettuce, mayo, spices and hot peppers:

A perfect lunch dessert of warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  Easily the best part of my lunch!

After-Work Drinks

A Friday wouldn’t be a Friday without an after-work drink.  This week I went with a Goose Island Chicago Style Root Beer x 2.

I’ve been on a real root beer kick lately.  I’ve been drinking IBC, A&W and Mugs but have never even heard of the Goose Island Root Beer.  It was tasty and of course I think all root beer tastes better when drank right from the bottle 🙂


I munched on a juicy pear after coming home from my after work outing.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a pear.  It was good but I think I still prefer a nice crisp apple.


Patrick really wanted one of his favorite dinners, a Stouffer’s lasagna:

The lasagna was good especially for being frozen.  But, I knew we needed something else so I made some extra roasted spicy broccoli as a side dish.

I may have put to much cayenne pepper in the mix because both my husband and I needed lots of water while eating this dish.  And we are no strangers to spicy dishes!


Do you know of any frozen meals that actually taste good?

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