DSLR Alive!

Patrick and I headed downtown, on Saturday afternoon, to go to Ritz to get our camera checked out.  (check out this post to see what happened to the camera)  I’m very happy to report the camera body is in perfect working order.  The lens is shot but I’ll hopefully be able to save up for a new one soon :/

If anyone, in the Chicago area, ever needs any camera supplies or help with anything camera related you should stop into Ritz Camera & Image on Chicago & Rush.

The people working in the store are very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any question you might have.  I asked a lot of random questions and the sales guy answered every single one of them and didn’t treat me like I was stupid.

Thank you Ritz Camera & Image for helping me out!


Saturday morning started out pleasantly enough with a cup of Candy Cane Lane green tea.  I did exactly as my cup suggested and made sure to “Savor every sip”.

I accompanied my tea with half a cup of chicken fried rice.  Strange combination but I’m a strange girl so it works 🙂


Patrick made me a fantastic mock-tail consisting of Pom and lime seltzer water.

I’m going to have him mix me up some more mock-tails since I’m still laying off the booze.

I popped a DiGiorno frozen pizza in the oven and 14 minutes later we had a tasty supreme (or as I like to call it, garbage) pizza.


Patrick and I decided to celebrate the good news about our camera by stopping at Ghirardelli.  I’ve lived in the city for along time and this was my first ever stop in this famous Ice Cream Shop!

We shared a butterscotch sundae:

We obviously hated it!  Just kidding, butterscotch is one of my favorites so not much was left in our glass.

After dessert we walked around downtown for about an hour and a half.  We worked up an appetite and decided to try out a new restaurant called Eatt.

We really liked the “diner like” feel the place had and all the valentines decorations were spot on!

Beverage of choice was, of course, an IBC root beer:

The menu had a lot of different types of food to choose from.  I wanted a more traditional meal so I started off with a grilled romaine salad with bacon, onions and an herb vinaigrette:

And a side of 4 cheese Mac and Cheese:

I also may have snuck a couple of my husbands sweet potato fries:

All the food was good and we do plan to visit Eatt again.  I already know what I will be ordering on our next visit.  Stay tuned to find out 😉

I also should point out that there was a mix up with our order.  The manager stopped by our table and apologized plus took the Mac and Cheese off the bill as well as comped us a dessert.  This was above and beyond what needed to be done but it showed us they care about the service they provide customers.

Needless to say the service we had was fantastic!


What is your favorite way to top a Sundae?

As I mentioned above, my favorite topping is butterscotch.  However, hot fudge is always good too 😀


    • Tracey

      The sundae did not disappoint! I’m glad my husband and I split it because I could have easily eaten the entire thing by myself. That wouldn’t have been good because I wouldn’t have had room for the mac & cheese 😉

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