Dog Photo Shoot

The other night Cappy was being ridiculously cute.  He climbed onto the couch and buried himself into a bunch of pillows.

I, of course, grabbed my camera and did an impromptu photo shoot!

Look at those eyes!

Playing the part of the bashful dog:

The tired dog:

and the, “Mom you better leave me alone before I get really upset and refuse to cuddle with you”, pose:

Good think his little brother was more than willing to step in as my model.

Actually, it was more like Solera demanded to be the model.  He has a little problem with needing to be the center of attention 😀

At first the flash was a little much for his model eyes:

He perfected the “puppy dog eyes” after a couple practice shots:

The very hard to do, 1 ear up 1 ear down shot:

And the last shot of the night:

I managed to pick up on his subtle hint that he didn’t want to play model anymore 🙂

Until next time, blog atcha’ later!

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