Healthy Pizza?!?

It has been very interesting around here in the food department.

We have food in our cupboards but we don’t have food that makes a meal.  I did manage to put together some “at home” eats for my first 2 meals of the day.


I wanted to start off my day with a yogurt parfait but turns out the yogurt was expired.  The horror!!!

I ended up eating pumpkin pecan granola, blackberries with skim milk:

It was good but not as good as my yogurt parfait would have been 🙁


My little breakfast didn’t keep me filled up for long so a couple hours later I was on the hunt for lunch.

I heated up some of the leftover rice from the Indian food we had the other day and topped it with Campbell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger:

This was good but for some reason not as satisfying as it normally is.


It’s not a good thing, for me, when both breakfast and lunch doesn’t satisfy me.  It leaves my mind exploring all the opportunities available in this great city to be delivered to my doorstep 😮

Sunday’s wandering mind decided on Edwardo’s.  Edwardo’s is a pizza place that prides itself on using fresh and natural ingredients.

As always we decided to order a little bit of everything so we could really try the place right 🙂

Started off with a couple Mozzarella sticks dipped in A1 sauce:

These were the best mozzarella sticks I’ve had in along time.

Next up was the main course…

Small amount of baked mostaccioli which was very garlicly:

Piece of garlic bread:

Finally, the pizza!  We decided on whole wheat crust with taco beef and broccoli.  Yep, you read that right – Patrick agreed to having broccoli on pizza 😀  I think he is secretly starting to love veggies!

The pizza was good and I like that they offer the whole wheat crust.  More pizza places should offer this.


No chocolate here.  I did as the french do and had my salad as my last course.

I thought the salad would be awesome because they are known for fresh and natural ingridients.  It sounded pretty good too … crisp fresh lettuce topped with red onion and black olives:

I was not impressed with this salad at all.  It looked (and tasted) like they opened a bag of lettuce dumped it in a bowl and charged me $4.49 for it.  Nothing fresh about this one.

Verdict: The mozzeralla sticks were very good and I would order them again.  The whole wheat crust was good and I like that it makes me feel like I’m eating healthy pizza 😉  I would not get the salad again because I’m very capable of opening my own bag of lettuce.  So next time we will stick with the pizza and mozzarella sticks and call it a night.


What healthy options does your local pizza place offer?

Broccoli and whole wheat crust is about as healthy as I’ve seen in my neighborhood.

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