No Shame

Monday mornings are always tough mornings for me.  Having to wake up early and start a busy work week can be difficult.

I thought everyone disliked Monday’s but I was wrong.  This little guy was up bright and early and might I add with no shame!

This is his,”please rub my belly” pose 😉


One thing that makes Monday mornings bearable is a hot breakfast sandwich.  Today’s sandwich came from Au Bon Pain.  It’s ham and cheese on a croissant:

It was good and filling – just what I needed!


I cracked open a can of Progresso Minestrone soup:

I wish I could say it was tasty but I just can’t.  I think I took about 2 bites and down the drain it went.  I just thought it had way to much seasoning in it.

Since the soup wasn’t up to my standards 😆  I poured myself a bowl of Cracklin’ Oat Bran:

I think this is one of my favorite cereals!  It’s so good and has great crunch 🙂


We still don’t have groceries (we are getting them tomorrow!) so we decided to order from a new to us thai restaurant, My Thai.

We started off with egg-rolls, of course:

And then we split 2 entrees.  The first was the pad thai:

Whenever Patrick and I try out a new Thai place we always order pad thai as a kind of common denominator to judge the place.  With that said, My Thais pad thai was really good and had a nice amount of heat.  Probably the second best pad thai I’ve had.

Next up was the Garlic Chicken.  Steamed snow-peas, carrots, garlic and chicken over rice:

So good and the sauce had a really nice flavor.


What is your favorite cereal?

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