Eventful Weekend – Movies and Dog Parks

Another eventful weekend. Let’s take a look…


This is the day we have pizza. Normally we have delivery of some sort but we decided to save some cash this week by making a frozen pepperoni and sausage Tombstone pizza. Plain salad on the side with Italian dressing:



I’ve been having problems with the trackball on my blackberry so first thing Saturday morning Patrick and I did some cellphone surgery.

We used a very tiny screwdriver to remove the back of the phone:


Tore off the top of the phone:


Proceded to remove some more screws:


We made sure to place all the tiny screws on a magnetic surface so we wouldn’t lose them:


Once all the screws were removed we were able to take out the trackball and see what was going on:


I used some alchol, a q-tip and a magnifing glass to clean everything out:


That didn’t work so I broke out the tweezers and found a bunch of lint stuck in the ball:


I know that’s gross but apparently it’s a common problem with trackballs. I’m always throwing my phone in my pocket and that is where the lint came from. I need a non-trackball phone 😉

All screws were put back into place and the phone started up beautifully.


I’m pretty much like a Blackberry doctor 🙂

After all that hard work I decided to reward myself with a bowl of sirloin burger soup mixed into some rice:


This is one of the meals I used to eat all the time when I was in college. Cheap, easy, filling and tastes great!

At around 2:00 we headed to the movie theatre to see Bad Teacher:

Both Patrick and I enjoyed this movie. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel both did a great job in their roles. This movie had some laugh out loud moments which is always a good thing when watching a comedy.

Right after Bad Teacher we watched Green Lantern:

This movie was in 3D which I’m not a big fan of. For some reason 3D movies give me a headache and no movie is worth that pain. I knew this movie was based on some comic book but that is all I knew. Oh wait – I also knew Ryan Reynolds was the main character and that certainly is not a bad thing 😉

For real – This movie was ok but certainly nothing to write home about. I would wait to see this one when it comes out on DVD.

After the movies we came home and took the dogs to the park. Solera wasted no time at all before he jumped in all of the pools:




On the walk home we saw this huge beer bottle hot air balloon:


This thing was huge! It’s not everyday you see a beer bottle as big as a building 😉

The last thing we wanted to do was cook after the eventful Saturday we had. We decided to call up Hot Woks Cool Sushi and get some take-out. I opted for the Garlic Chicken with baby corn, carrots and brocolli:


This was a great meal. The chicken was good quality, the veggies were all very fresh and the garlic flavor was perfect not overpowering at all.


So good!


This Sunday was not a fun day. I woke up with a headache (thanks 3D movie) which stayed with me all day long.

We ran a bunch of errands that eventually took us to a place called Kroll’s for lunch.

Kroll’s is a neighborhood bar and grill that is a great place to gather if you want to watch sports and have some good bar food!

I started off with some fried cauliflower with cheese dip:


Of course it was Yum!

I also had a bowl of chicken dumpling soup:


Headed home after lunch to vedge and try to get control over my head.

Dinner was a simple one-a bowl of tomato juice and noodles was enjoyed:


So, this weekend was busy but next weekend should be a bit more chill.


What type of cell phone do you have? Do you like it?

I have my blackberry. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an iPhone or a droid but will most likely stick with my trusted blackberry 🙂

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