What is it Wednesday? – Dry Brushing

What it looks like?

What is it?

Dry brushing is a technique used for exfoliating the skin using a dry, natural bristle brush.  The brush is used to gently brush dry skin off the body.

Health benefits?

Dry brushing claims to have a lot of benefits to not only the outside of the body but the inside as well.  Here are a couple of the health benefits:

  • Removes dead skin cells which gives skin a healthier glow and stimulates and increases skin cell production.
  • Increases blood flow and circulation.  The increased blood flow can give a person an awake feeling.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Reduced cellulite – the thought is the increase in blood circulation to the skin helps break down and release toxins that may cause cellulite.
  • Enhances detoxification through the skin.

How to use it?

First thing you need to do is get a dry brush.  I’m pretty sure you should be able to find one at Whole Foods or Amazon.

Once you have your brush – use it on dry skin and brush in circular motions moving toward your heart.  This can be done every morning prior to showering.  Only use this on your body, avoid the face and other sensitive areas.

You can get more specific instructions and video on how to dry brush your skin by searching on google.

VC&C thoughts:

I’ve read about this technique in magazines and blogs.  It sounds like something that would be good to add to a summer skin care routine.  I’m not sure if the claims of reduced cellulite and detoxification are 100% true but I’d be willing to try it out for the exfoliation alone.


Have you ever used a dry brush?  What did you think and do you have any tips?


Disclaimer: I must say I’m not a registered dietitian. This post is based on my own personal knowledge, opinions and research.

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