A Dinner to Forget

I mentioned a couple posts ago how I enjoyed reading the Chelsea Handler books.  I liked escaping into her crazy world while reading all about the situations she gets herself and those around her in.

I don’t know what book I want to read next so I thought I would ask all of you for some help.  I basically would like to read a biography of fun people who don’t take themselves to seriously.  But, all book recommendations are welcome!

I’m excited to get started on another book!  Who knew I would get this excited about reading 😉

Monday Eats


The typical start to my day – Grande Peppermint Skim Latte:

Love the minty-ness of this drink.  I find it to be a great way to get my mind going in the morning.


I was feeling a little cold so my lunch choice was an easy one … Soup!

I opted for Hannah’s Bretzel Vegetable Barley Soup:

As mentioned previously the sandwiches are kinda pricey here but the soups aren’t that bad.

This actually might be one of my favorite soups from a restaurant.  The ingredients are fresh, it’s filling and tastes good!  Win, Win, Win!!!

Happy Hour

After work the husband and I stopped for a cocktail to wipe the Monday stresses out of our minds.  I chose a Raspberry Vodka and lemonade:


After our cocktails we hightailed it home so that we could watch the final college football game of the season.  Both my husband and I are big football fans so we are sad to see the season come to a close but very much look forward to next season.

To celebrate the game we decided to order in.  Restaurant of choice was Public House.  This is a place I have been wanting to try for awhile so I was excited for the food to arrive!

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, baked beans and mashed potatoes.  However, I will not be sharing a picture with you because the food was not good.  My sandwich was filled with fat (makes me sick just thinking about it).  Worst sandwich ever!

I’m really disappointed because the food was not cheap and I was really looking forward to the meal.

On the plus side – I didn’t eat very much so my diet is still on track 🙂


Please don’t forget to leave me some recommendations for good books!


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