Holiday Picture – December 1, 2012 – Starbucks Holiday Cups

It’s that time of year again – and by that I mean Christmas! This is the best time to wander around the city and check out all the decorations, from the small pub on the corner to the large art museum.

This post kicks off the Holiday Picture posts here on VC&C. Feel free to check out the first Holiday post back in December 2009!

This first picture isn’t so much a decoration but a symbol (at least for me) that the holidays are here.

I give you the Tall, Grande and Venti Starbucks Holiday Cups:


I believe the pictures are of a Snowman, Choir Girl and Fox:


Just so you get the entire cup viewing experience, I present you with the side view:


I look forward to sharing more Holiday photos with you throughout the month!

Happy Holidays!!

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