Doctors = 5 Guys (not what you think;))

What a day! Started off having to fast until 3:15 in the afternoon. That means no coffee and no food. I don’t even know how I got through it but I did.
Right next door to my doctors office is a place called Five Guys. Here is a little info for those of you who are not aware of Five Guys:
  • The place only uses fresh, never frozen, ground beef.
  • There are no freezers just coolers so nothing is ever frozen.
  • They use only Peanut oil.
  • The menu is trans-fat free.

It’s still a fast food restaurant but it’s a better fast food place then like McDonald’s or Burger King. It’s not only better for me but tastes better too, can’t beat that!

So after being poked and prodded at the doctors I went to Five Guys and ordered some Cajun fries which were awesome.
Cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard and A1 sauce.
mmm…so good! While eating this burger I felt like I was cheating on my husband because he LOVES this place.
To wash down my breakfast/lunch/dinner, I got a grande skinny vanilla latte. Didn’t get a picture but I think we all know what a Starbucks cup looks like;)
Once my husband got home from work we set out to Grant Park. A bunch of people were out building amazing snow sculptures. I felt bad for them because I can’t even explain how freakin cold it is in Chicago tonight. I can’t wait to see the finished product of all the sculptures.
Simply amazing that people can do this:

When they started out with nothing. These pictures don’t even do it justice.
After freezing our tootsies (a word my grandma always used) off we headed to the Hilton on Michigan avenue for a cocktail. This is an old school hotel and the bar is simply amazing. The bar is made out of marble and actually there is a ton of marble everywhere!
I ordered my typical Kettle One Cosmo and it was really good.

Tomorrow I will be posting my final St. Maarten post. I must say some of the pictures are pretty great so make sure you check in tomorrow!

I will also being doing a book review of Hungry, I’ve gotten some emails requesting info about it.
Good night everyone, blog at y’all later!


  • foodexerciseexpress

    OMG! I love 5 guys!!!! The only problem is their delicious fries are so good but so fattening. On top of that I always split a large with my husband and there is way too many. But of course I eat every last one of them with him. No fry left behind is my motto!!

  • Gina

    I just read your comment on my blog and laughed because I'm PRETTY SURE I did have a roller skating party on my tenth birthday. It was either roller skating or bowling…I can't remember. Oh growing up in the 80s/90s was so cool!

    I have not been to 5 Guys but we just got TWO right near our apartment. I can't believe we have not been yet, but it's on our list of places we must go!

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