Playing Tourist in Chicago

Patrick and I decided to play tourist on Sunday. We woke up and lounged around the condo and around 1:00 we headed to the river to go on the Chicago Architecture Boat tour.

I recommend that any person visiting Chicago take this boat cruise. Not only do you get the chance to learn about the city and wonderful architecture but you also get a chance to rest your feet and spend some time on the water after exploring the city on foot!

The boat that would take us on our 75 minute voyage:

Trump tower:

Corn cob building:

This is the building currently housing the Hard Rock hotel. I love that the gold on top of the building is meant to mimic champagne bursting out of a bottle:

Love how this building curves along with the river and reflects the surrounding buildings:

And of course the Sears Tower (I know that is no longer the name of the building but it will always be the Sears Tower to me!):

After the boat ride we stopped by ENO to enjoy some wine and light food. We took our seats on the patio and I ordered the Bubbly flight. I’m a sucker for champagne/sparkling wine and these did not disappoint:

Patrick and I opted to get the Cheddar cheese flight. Not only did the flight come with wonderful cheese but we got bread, fancy nuts and olives as well as some fantastic raspberry preserves:

I couldn’t believe how good the mix of cheese, bread and preserves were. I would have never guessed combining all those flavors would be so tasty!

Such a good day spent in the city I love, with the man I love!


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