Beat the Heat – Um, What?

I do believe this is Dunkin’ Donuts way of playing a joke on the people of Chicago:

“Beat the Heat. We’ve got the treat!” – It was somewhere around 6 degrees when I saw this sign.  No heat around at all this Tuesday!  Real funny.

At least this little big bird will be keeping warm during the Chicago winter:

I couldn’t believe how big this pigeon is.  Looks like someone has been eating to many Dunkin’ Donuts donuts!


A very yummy Red Machine Naked juice smoothie.


I have a feeling this Freshii soup is going to be my “go-to” soup of the winter.

It’s a spicy lemon grass broth with carrots, corn and celery.  The heat of the spice really packed a punch 😀

I love this soup!!!

Even thought Dunkin’ Donuts was playing a joke on me I decided to stop in for a little “lunch dessert”.  They are selling valentine donuts.  Basically chocolate donuts shaped like a heart with heart sprinkles.

I thought it was good until I reached the jelly filling.  I do not like jelly fillings in my food.  I wish I would have known about the filling when I bought it 🙁  Oh well, it was still cute!


Patrick went out with some friends for a couple hours after work.  On the way home he decided to get us some pizza.

He surprised me with a delicious Greek salad.

My half of the pizza was Canadian bacon with pineapple.  Yum!

I hope everyone had a fab Tuesday!


What is the temperature where you live?


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