Those of you who have been reading my blog for a little while may notice a change in my pictures.  I’ve had to go back to using my point and shoot during the last week.  My DSLR is out of commission for the time being 🙁

If you follow me on twitter you already know:

I accidentally dropped my camera on Sunday night.  The only lens I have for the camera broke and I’m really hoping that the camera body is fine.  I’m taking it in to the camera doctor so I will know the full extent of the damage this weekend.

I really, really, really hope it’s just the lens that is busted.  I can save up to get a new lens but buying a new camera is out of the question 🙁


I was pleasantly surprised when I got to work and discovered they were handing out free hot chocolate because it was so cold out.  Free hot chocolate, yes please!


This Freshii soup is quickly becoming one of my favorite lunches.  I really need to learn to make my own lemongrass broth (anyone know how?).


Yet, again it was another work week day where I didn’t feel like making dinner.  I really need to start making meals on the weekends that can be heated up during the week.

Last night we ended up boiling some Mrs’ T’s cheddar and potato pierogies:

Sprinkled with Cajun seasoning for a bit of a kick:

Simple and delicious meal 🙂


What types of meals do you like to make on the weekends, to heat up during the week?

I could use all the suggestions I can get.  Feel free to link to a recipe in the comments.


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