Happy Hour Pizza

I would love to say I’m one of those people who enjoys reading but that would not be true.  Don’t get me wrong – I like reading but after a long day at work reading a book feels like more work.

That is until I discovered the Chelsea Handler books!

I read her first book over the holiday and was instantly hooked.  Since then I have read all four of her books and am tempted to send her an email begging her to write another one for me to enjoy 🙂  The books are easy, fun, senseless reads which is just what this girl needs at this time in my life.



Grande Peppermint Skim Latte:


My goal for Thursday was to eat a good lunch.  I thought over all my options and went with Freshii.  I ordered a salad with egg, celery, carrots, sun flower seeds and corn topped with balsamic vinegar:

I thought this was a good lunch.  I had protein and plenty of veggies!


Thursday was a difficult day that could only be helped by a cocktail.  The husband and I decided to go to the Marriott and partake in the Happy Hour special.  If you get to the bar before 6:00 pm you get a free pizza with your first cocktail!

I ordered a martini:

And a pepperoni pizza:

I know a lot of you will probably think a cocktail and pizza is no way to lose weight but I don’t think it’s a problem if you plan for it.


What are some happy hour specials you have been enjoying lately?

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