Holiday Photo – December 6, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Here is a look at our tree when the light are not on:

And here is a look with the lights on:

Every year my husband and I purchase one special ornament. Last year we bought a gold sphere that features the Chicago skyline. Looks great on the tree.

We have a lot of different ornaments but I’ve only chosen a few to share with everyone.
Here is an ode to our heritage. An Irish Santa.
Traditional Santa with his reindeer.

We lost our star to put on the top of the tree so we decided to use an ornament with Santa in a snow globe. Works for now but I still would like something that lights up on the top of the tree.

What better then a funky disco ball hanging from your tree?!?

I couldn’t think of a better present under the tree. One of our dogs. His favorite place to lay during the holiday’s is under the Christmas tree. So cute!


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